Hello, welcome. My name is Nikita Coulombe. About me: I spent the first half of my childhood in Winnipeg, Canada, and the second half in Boulder, Colorado. I may not have much of an accent anymore, but the values of my upbringing have stuck, mainly: treat others how you would like to be treated. I try to think about that with everything that I do.

My background is in psychology and fine art, and I have degrees in both from the University of Colorado. After University, I worked closely with social psychologist and past APA President, Dr. Philip Zimbardo, for several years. Dr. Z has been a great mentor and friend; together we co-authored a couple of books. Another friend and mentor has been Dr. Warren Farrell, who I assisted with his upcoming book, The Boy Crisis.

Recently, I have been assisting award-winning documentary filmmaker Cassie Jaye with the release of The Red Pill and have started a YouTube channel and blog called BetterSexEd with sex coach Keeley Rankin.

In addition to writing, I paint. My specialties include hand-painted floral, landscape and animal designs formatted for wall decor and textiles. Currently my art is represented by Roaring Brook Art. Through them, my designs can be licensed for home decor and other goods. If you would like to connect, contact me at nikita (dot) coulombe (at) gmail (dot) com.