Portals (series)

The Portals series is an evolution of the Chaos & Order series. When viewed in person, people commented that the Chaos & Order paintings were “mesmerizing” and seemed to possess a healing quality.

The comments resonated because I had been going through my own healing process during that series, so I began to contemplate how to more acutely transfer and magnify the serenity I was feeling into my work.

Shortly after, I encountered an intuitive woman named Amy Satori. Amy described my paintings as portals and suggested they had the ability to transform energy; adding specific elements with intention would filter out negativity in the surrounding area.

I loved the notion and decided to paint two kinds of portals for this series – ones that have a vertical or horizontal bar spanning the width or length of the canvas, which are intended to provide access to wisdom and insight, and paintings that have a dot, which are intended to filter negative energy in order to bring balance to a space.

The peripheral geometry and chosen colors in the paintings support these intentions.

Available paintings in this series are listed below. To make a purchase or set up a studio appointment, please inquire with the title of the piece you are interested in via email at nikita (dot) coulombe (at) gmail (dot) com or call +01-415-870-1086. My studio is located in downtown Boulder, Colorado. Delivery and shipping are available and calculated separately from the painting based on your location. Custom commissions also available.

Top left – Portal II, Bottom left – Portal III, Bottom right – Portal IV, Top right – Portal V, all canvases measure 48 x 48 inches and are oil and acrylic on canvas, $2,200 for each original painting or $8,800 for all four

These 4 paintings are intended to filter negative energy in the surrounding environment. From top right, with Portal II (red dot), down to Portal III (yellow dot), over to Portal IV (blue dot), and up to Portal V (white dot), the paintings are meant to purify energy in increments. 

Watch the making of Portal II, III, IV, and V on YouTube

Echoes, 72 x 60 inches, oil and acrylic on canvas, $4,125 for the original painting

You may have noticed the human body in the painting. The black line work depicts both male and female organs, the stomach, and lungs. The black dot between the stomach and lungs in intended to release and remove negative energy from within the body.

Watch the making of Echoes on YouTube

Portal I, 48 x 48 inches, mixed media on canvas, $2,200 for the original painting

Portal I is a holographic doorway intended to provide observers with clarity as well as promote clear thinking.


All artwork © Nikita Coulombe